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Hi Lovelies, My name is Sara Ella Dean Parish. Some people call me 'Sara' some people call me 'Ella' & a very special little guy calls me 'mommy (my favorite name).' I created Foxmilk Design because I was breastfeeding & during the winter I would always get cold nursing my little guy. I also wanted something that moms could wear that was hip, fun, unique, comfy & was able to get to the breast very quickly (a hungry, crying baby doesn't want to wait). Going off my mom intuition & how well these shirts have worked for myself & others, I think you will love these! I've enjoyed how fast & easy my hungry baby can gain access to the breast. 


So it all started with a nursing shirt & a little Fox, but Foxmilk Design has grown into...Imagination Capes & Bandanna Bibs for children & Neck Shawls & fun, comfy everyday shirts for women.  I've been making vegan body products for over 9 years now & I feel my clothing items are my unique, whimsical lip conditioners translated into clothing. They all have a 'Beautiful Twist' just like my body products & a story to tell. So I hope you will find something you love & makes you happy!









*Please Read On For More Info About Foxmilk Design's Breastfeeding Sweatshirts & Shirts...


Foxmik Design clothing & products are about being proud of being a breastfeeding mommy. I wanted to give nursing mommys an alternative to the same old nursing shirts. These are like the James Bond of nursing shirts because they are so sly.


My main inspirations for creating Foxmilk Design was my son Fox Dean Lee, to solve the problem of being cold while nursing & to make it easier to nurse your baby, without changing into a boring nursing shirt (Fox loves pointing out all the fun designs on the pockets). Fox was a great help with trying out all of the prototypes of the shirts. He's helped create, what they are today...which is awesome! 


The result of my inspirations is a line of hip, fun, comfy, breastfeeding shirts that even moms, who don't nurse will love to wear. You have your pick of elegant, sexy, fun, nature, hip inspired pocket prints.


I'm just over the moon excited to share these with other breastfeeding mommys! Breastfeeding is about connecting with our child & providing amazing nutrients. After all, 'Mommy's are foxes, who give the love of milk to their little ones.'


Here's a bit of honesty...


So, I am a bit modest. I'm a free spirit at heart, but I also have a shy side that I've had since childhood. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of breastfeeding moms, who have the beautiful confidence to nurse their little ones in public without a care in the world. It really is the most natural thing in the whole world & I love seeing moms embracing that. So why don't I feel completely comfortable myself? I don't know, my shy, childlike timidness just takes over sometimes. That's one of the reasons I love these shirts because it gives other moms like me, who still want to nurse in public, but are a bit shy of showing too much (these shirts give them control of how much they want to show or not). In fact, nursing in nature, is one of the most peaceful moments of my day (when it is warm enough).


Whatever nursing style you feel the most comfortable with Foxmilk Design shirts let you nurse as freely or as modestly as you want. It's up to you mommy, you are doing a beautiful thing & you should feel as comfortable as you want.


P.S. I nursed my little guy last weekend, while we were out to eat, while wearing one of Foxmilk Design's shirts & it went very smoothly. In fact, our waitress didn't even know I was wearing a nursing shirt...Bonus!




Peace & Love, 

Sara Ella Dean Parish


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